Ride As You Live

Motorcycles are mostly a one-time purchase, and the target audience for Indian Motorcycles is currently very narrow, so sales have started to stagnate. Indian wants to add a younger community to the existing target audience. Even if they can't afford to buy a motorcycle now, when they can afford it, we want them to pick Indian.

In addition, we all have a stereotypical image in our head when we think of a biker. Indian Motorcycles is trying to change the perception of a "typical biker" by inspiring people to ride the way they live.

Client:Indian Motorcycle

Phase 1: Reaching out to the new target audience (20-35 yo) and making them aware of the brand by giving out freebies. These would have great design that fits the trends of the time.



Stickers, Pins and Totes

Phase 2: We would ask people to create and share artwork, with the prompt, "What kind of rider do you want to be?" The most liked art, would get a chance to be part of Indian's new merchandise line.

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Phase 3: In the final phase of the campaign, Indian Motorcycles would partner with artist-run cultural collectives such as Second Sundays. We would set up booths at these events and give out free tattoos. We would also give people a chance to sign up for a weekend long course to get a Motorcycle License.


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Team: Ashley Moehlenpah, Shreya Rege, Natalia Gallego


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